Deep Sleep Bronze 1500 Double

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Whether you have family who live in a different part of the country, children who often have friends to stay or just want the occasional spare sleeping space for friends it is important to find the right bed for your individual needs.

Guest beds come in many forms so before you buy it’s best to consider the following check list:

  • How often and for how long will your guest bed be used?
  • Who it will mostly be used for – adults or children or both?
  • How much space do you have for a guest bed?
  • How does a guest bed fits within your room décorIs your guest room also going to be use for other purposes?
  • What quality of mattress are you wanting?
  • Remember the mattress or sleeping surface is the most important part of the bed, the more you are able to invest the better your guest stay is likely to be.

Finally don’t forget to consider the additional bedding and duvet you will require for your guest bed.

What type of guest beds are available?

With many different options available we have summarised the main options below:

Wooden Guest Bed Frames

These are a very popular option due to their versatility.  The under bed can be rolled out and used as separate stand alone bed or the bed can be put next to the single bed and raised to the same height to effectively form a super king size bed.  Often both beds will have full size 3’0 mattresses, therefore you will need to have a reasonable amount of space to work with)

Trundle beds

These are similar in style to the above bed however the underbed simply roles out it does not raise up to the same height as the main bed.  Our Portland bed is an example of this style bed.  Quite often the under bed mattress will be a little smaller than the main mattress this style of bed can be good for sleepovers. 

Divan Guest Beds

Divan Guest beds are available in a wide range of different colour options and have the added advantage that you can choose a headboard design that suits your design scheme. 

Day Beds

Day beds are a versatile solution that may work well in instances where you may want to use the space as a multi functional room such as office / spare room.  Days bed tend to be more visually appealing and are dual purpose, again these styles are typically available in wood, metal and upholstered frames.

Sofa Beds

If your looking for versatility then a sofa bed could be the perfect option.  These can be purchased for as little a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds.   The array of options is vast and your sofa bed will depend upon the size of your space, fabric option, the type of mechanism and the style that you are looking for.

Three Sleeper Bunk Beds

Not quite a guest bed but worthy of note is that if space allows there are bunk beds which have a double with single overhead.  This would be a great way of having versatile sleeping space on a permanent basis, for more regular extended family visits.    In addition children’s High Sleeper beds can be purchased with futon options at ground level as another guest option.

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