How to Throw A Virtual Dinner Party

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, connecting with friends and family via video calling is now more accessible than ever. So why not take advantage of these amazing tools and set up a virtual dinner party? 


Our tips and tricks will have you throwing a successful digital soiree in no time. Because let’s face it, social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still be social – online at least.

Virtual Dinner Party

Set the Scene

A virtual dinner party presents the perfect opportunity to spruce up a vignette. Choose a spot which allows for good lighting and dress your background in your favourite decor. A bunch of flowers (artificial also optional), a range of your most-loved novels or a pretty wall art print will inject some personality and all with minimal effort. With no pesky guests busying up your abode, now’s the time to dust off your ‘best’ glassware and crockery – so you can say ‘Cheers!’ without the fear of any breakage.

Mindful Menus

While pre-set menus might seem like your usual ideal, taking a more mindful approach to your dish choices could be a responsible route. Raid your cupboards to get creative with the ingredients you already have, and eat each course in unison to your online guests to reflect an authentic dinner party experience. If you’re lucky enough to be a stone’s throw from any restaurants and cafes, check if they offer take away delivery. This means you can dig into some quality cooking whilst also supporting local businesses.


Dress to Impress

Although staying home all day means pjs and sweatpants on repeat, at a virtual dinner party, getting dolled up is a must. Resurfacing your finery and spritzing your favourite scent can provide a much-needed mood lift and get you in the spirit for socialising. If you have time to tidy, giving your place a once over will stand you in good stead if any suggestions for a virtual home tour crops up.

Test the Tech

There are no greater convo-killers than wobbly wifi and muted mics, so be sure to test the tech before the virtual dinner party kicks off. With a huge range of video conversation apps available, there’s sure to be something that works for even the most technophobic amongst us. P.S. Muting yourself whilst munching away on crisps is the ultimate in virtual dinner party etiquette.

What’s for Afters?

When conversations start to dwindle, you’ll find that there are an abundance of activities to keep the night in full swing. Platforms such as House Party include multiplayer games to keep the chat varied, or you can transition from dinner to dancing by jumping on a joint playlist during the call. If it’s time to wind down, head to your favourite streaming site and watch a film together. Bonus points for popcorn!

However you to choose to enjoy your virtual dinner party, there’s really no better way to feel connected to your family and friends. And remember, the more guests who virtually sit down to dinner, the less washing up left for you to do afterwards.

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