Blind Safety

There are child safe alternatives for every blind style available so always consider these first when looking for your new blinds.

Blinds can now be simply moved into position by hand with spring assisted operation.Wands can be used to operate vertical blinds and Venetian blinds to open and close the blinds and tilt the slats. Motorisation offers child safe operation and ease of use, with some linking to home automation and smartphones and tablets.

Some window sizes or shapes may not lend themselves to cordless window blinds or you may specifically wish to co-ordinate with your existing blinds – if this is the case there are still safe options:

In-built safety systems

In-built safety systems are those that are built into the product and so do not require additional installation or operation in use. These include chain break connectors where the chain is designed to separate under any undue pressure. Breakaway tassels at the bottom of cords work in the same way.

Separate safety systems

Separate safety systems are those that require additional installation or operation in use. If cordless options or those with in-built safety devices are not suitable for your specific situation, then the only safe alternative is to use a blind with a separate safety device such as a tensioning device on a chain loop or an accumulation device such as a cleat so the cord can be stored out of reach of children. Make sure the device is securely fitted and always used.

If you already have blinds installed and without safety devices fitted what this video on how to make your existing blinds safer.

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